Wordscapes Polar (Celestial) Level 1409 – 1424 Answers and Cheats


Listed below are the answers and cheats to Polar levels 1409 to 1424 in Celestial Pack.


  1. Can’t complete Puzzle 4 – the hint for the 3rd word is E – all of the letters are available for Polar but it will not accept that word. When I looked up the 3rd word game solver says it’s trousers but those letters aren’t available. HELP!

  2. Polar level 8. I have all the words; no, Raysty, iron, pancake, poison, but have not been able to fit them. Please, Help. Thanks

  3. Has anyone passed Polar on wordscapes level 6 was not right now got to level 13 am stuck need help plz.

  4. I have a Windows phone and the answers online don’t match up with my grids now I’ve reached Polar. Is there somewhere I can find the answers?

  5. I’ve been struggling with Polar level 6 for ages. I can’t get BOARD after SWORD. The other websites have a different top row. Is theyt a walkthrough please

  6. I’m also stuck on Polar level 15. have been for over a week. Can’t even find one answer. Wouldn’t surprise me if there is no answer. I’ve noticed the higher the level the more glitches there are, Reanting doesn’t always fix it. Need solution to 238 or I’ll delete the game.

  7. Mine is also installed in a windows phone and stucked at Polar level 236.,and cheats are nowhere to be found.please help so i can move.thanks

  8. My Polar level 13 isn’t the one given anywhere I have to find an 11 letter word can’t find any of the words. Please help!

  9. My husband and I have Microsoft Windows phones and have wordscapes game my daughter has iPhone with it our puzzles were all the same unto we reached Polar level 235. We are stuck on 238 with no possible answers. All of the cheats are the puzzles that my daughters phone has while ours is no where to be found. We also never earn hints. Could you help????

  10. GREAT!! I updated my app and now not only can’t i solved Polar Level 10, i do NOT get the free hints for watching the video!!!

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