Wordscapes Shine (Frost) Level 1665 – 1680 Answers and Cheats


Listed below are the answers and cheats to Shine levels 1665 to 1680 in Frost Pack.

Level 1665

Level 1666

Level 1667

Level 1668

Level 1669

Level 1670

Level 1671

Level 1672

Level 1673

Level 1674

Level 1675

Level 1676

Level 1677

Level 1678

Level 1679

Level 1680


  1. I suppose I should say what puzzle and level I’m on if I want an answer to my question below. It’s Shine puzzle level 9. Thanks

  2. I was playing CHEF set my phone down and picking it back up CHEF is gone and Shine in its place – what happened?

  3. I was playing set chef Shine in the place furter linc comon to tge games inc the letters syle linc thousand per melted tummy linc

  4. I am on Shine Level 6, and my letters do not look at all like the ones shown here. My top row, 2nd row, etc are entirely different. I am able to make a few of the words listed, but don’t have the letters for HANDBALL (no D, only one H which is used in the first word SHOWER). There is no way to solve this and move on to the next level. What can I do?Tara D. Van Cantfort Erode Level 2, PEPTER ??

  5. Level 7 in Shine theme does not match the cheat instructions at all. Necklace is not on the left side. Iy is on the right side of the pizzle when facing it. Can someone explain how to get whistle and eraser. There are not enough “e” letters to complete this puzzle

  6. The Shines level number 13 has the letter M that is not in any of the words and the words require 3 Cs and it only gives 2. This level cannot be completed.

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