Wordscapes Star (Lagoon) Level 2689 – 2704 Answers and Cheats


Listed below are the answers and cheats to Star levels 2689 to 2704 in Lagoon Pack.

Level 2689

Level 2690

Level 2691

Level 2692

Level 2693

Level 2694

Level 2695

Level 2696

Level 2697

Level 2698

Level 2699

Level 2700

Level 2701

Level 2702

Level 2703

Level 2704


  1. Nancy , you managed to get through to Star Can you tell me how you got Sky ? I have even looked at cheats but letters are different order so I can’t carry on 😤

  2. wordscapes Star Level 2 is impossible to get. We figured all of the words out but can’t get them in order. I was Frustrated so went on YouTube to watch how it’s done and when they get to the last two words the screen goes black and the words just appear in the answer. What happened??

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