Wordscapes Crest (Mountain) Level 321 – 336 Answers and Cheats


Listed below are the answers and cheats to Crest levels 321 to 336 in Mountain Pack.


  1. Crest level 10 is not the same letters mine the top row is metet yours doesn’t match can’t make any words please update so I can move on

  2. My level numbers are three digits and I can’t find the correct hints. For instance, I’m on Crest level 248 and it doesn’t correspond to any of the puzzles I’m seeing. This happened with the Arch pack as well and they all seemed to be themes. Help!

  3. A friend introduced me to wordscapes & I have been beavering through the levels. Foolishly used up my hints way too early & have had none for ages. She gets free hints every time she “likes on FB” but that dowsn’t work for me. On some trying puzzles have asked my friend for hints since she is way ahead of me, only to discover that the puzzle grids appearing on my Surface puzzles are quite different from hers and do match any of the Cheat answer sheets. Usually manage to find a solution after a couple of days of revisiting but Crest level 5 has me stumped!!! Top row ANKTS. Any help appreciated.

  4. Crest level 257. Please help. 2 words are enemy and villain – on windows version. The other 2 seem to be viral and opponent but I can’t get to the letters. Any suggestions

  5. My game on my phone is not responding…. no hits come up. I am Crest level 4. I have tried to use “mass” as a word. It came across as a word. I hit the refresh button the word “mass” went away. When I used the letters again to spell “mass” it dosen’t go down to the spot where it went before. I even used a hint and the letter “m” came up where the word “mass” went before…. help please…… any ideas on how to make it work. I have shut phone off and turned it back on. Regards and Thank you for a timely response.

  6. On my android phone Crest level 10 is completely different and I’m stuck on it please help

  7. Has this happened to anyone else – twice I have tried words that didn’t work but once I paid for more hints, suddenly the word was right. I can’t remember the 1st time it happened but I know the second time it happened was on Crest LEVEL 5. I tried the word PANDA several times and no match. I finally bought some hints and then suddenly, PANDA was a match. That is very upsetting and makes me think this a scam.

  8. Help with Crest level 5. I have all the words. Enter them as cyclops, cactus, no chin. Am getting stock with trowel! Tried different combinations for no, different order but still cannot get past it. any ideas?

  9. I have all the words for Crest level 4, but I can only get three of the four words off. Can anyone help.

  10. Still can’t figure out how to get to trowel for Crest level 5. The E is too low to match with the L. can anyone help?

  11. Crest level 5 cannot get the word trowel top top row is ELRSC I have been stuck for 2 days I have tried every combo i can think of !

  12. I cannot bus the Crest level 10 cheats don’t add up either medicine right hand side is abstructed buy a random E

  13. Crest, level 10…my puzzle is not showing an “s” for panties, nor is it showing two “c’s” for medicine and center. Thoughts? Help?

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