Wordscapes Scale (Mountain) Level 369 – 384 Answers and Cheats


Listed below are the answers and cheats to Scale levels 369 to 384 in Mountain Pack.


  1. My Scale level 13 is 8 letters accross and 8 letters down. There are 9 words to find. It doesnt match anything on this Scale levels above. Does anyone else have that? I can’t figure out the 4th word. 6 letters starting with la???? & I am only gettig 1 free hint a day. I used to get 3. Is that happening to anyone else?

  2. I am on Scale level 12 & I have had the words but they just won’t work in order! I have tried every way I can but still can’t get it out! I checked the answers on here today & I followed the order they are listed in & still can’t get it out! HELP!!!!!

  3. Besides Stack, which is great at giving you free, first letter hints–but it is limited as there are only so many hints and then it’s over–doesn’t matter that you are not done puzzle-solving. You can’t get any more for free! Anyone know of free sites for first letter only clues? I’m at Scale 11 and just found out about cheat sites. I am proud yet feel lame that I didn’t think to check! I don’t want the answers, just the 1st letters. If I paid for “hints”, my husband would put me in some kind of program, lol

  4. Can anyone help with Scale level 5? First row ESETQ. Have the different version where none of the wordscapes answers apply, & can’t buy or win hints:( Tried lots of words but none that ‘work’. Looking for 7 letter word, two 5 letter words & an 8 letter word. Thanks

  5. I have the same problem as Carolyn Schaefer.Very frustrating ! Scale Level 12 does not fall into place even though I have tried to use all the correct words in various ways.

  6. My wife and I are both playing the game. We have found that the puzzles we get on certain levels are not the same. I also note that the Scale level 14 I am on is not the same as the level shown here. Mine is a 8×8 matrix with 8 words, the smallest being 6 letters.

  7. stuck on Scale , level 11. Answers show a word-Beetroot, but there is no “B” on my grid. Anywhere!

  8. Anyone know the order for the words in Scale 12. I have the words but can’t get them to work out.?

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