Wordscapes Curve (Passage) Level 2497 – 2512 Answers and Cheats


Listed below are the answers and cheats to Curve levels 2497 to 2512 in Passage Pack.


  1. I have all the words for Curve level 13, but can’t get them in the right order. Anyone have a walkthrough for this level?

  2. I’ve been working on finishing wordscapes for about a year, I got to Curve level which was second to last. I was 95 percent done then I picked up the puzzle today and they added 3 more levels making me 86 percent done! Why the F$& did they do that I’m so Frustrated that I’m quitting wordscapes and will tell anyone who wants to play it’s not worth it

  3. Curve level 9 supposedly contains “blouse”. However the only letters left after solving all but cherry and blouse are ngiimt and cherry. I’m stumped on what ngiimt can possibly spell. (Certainly, not blouse!) I’ve tried every combo I can and nothing makes a legitimate word.

  4. Curve, Level 16. Third word is trousers, no s found. Odkeyecp Mrbacrap Daeecnal Eolcauri Tnepettk Apehtnnc Leueaeei Pcbbgepk

  5. The puzzle and answers for Level 15 in Curve do not match. I may have to quit the game because I can’t get passed this puzzle.

  6. re: Curve …. Level 9– published answer # 7 is POLO; and Polo doen’t work. Probable transcription error (i.e. same letters, but should spell LOOP for the # 7 answer.

  7. I know all the words for Curve level 11 but the letters are different then on solve page. There is NO way to solve it the way it is layed out what do I do.???

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