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    Wordscapes Bite (Winter) Level 417 – 432 Answers and Cheats

    Listed below are the answers and cheats to Bite levels 417 to 432 in Winter Pack.

    Level 417

    Level 418

    Level 419

    Level 420

    Level 421

    Level 422

    Level 423

    Level 424

    Level 425

    Level 426

    Level 427

    Level 428

    Level 429

    Level 430

    Level 431

    Level 432


    1. Hey guys really need help level 1 Bite.Got all the words can’t get the right sequence.Thanks in advance

    2. Bite levels 11 and 12 do not match what is online. Level 11 cannot be done with the hints/answers that are provided????

    3. How do you move onto the next level? Bite level 16 doesn’t initially have any of the answers in it

    4. Please help I am stuck on Bite 11 my puzzle doesn’t work with your answers I need an 11 letter word can’t find any words needed

    5. Bite levels 11 and 12. The puzzles I show do not match anything that is online help. I cannot make the words that are suggested and when I enter my top row of letters — no puzzles can be found? How do you move on? Does anyone even answer these comments?

    6. Bite – level 11 … anybody? Puzzle does not match what is online so I cannot complete the level. It looks like level 12 doesn’t match either? How do you advance????

    7. Really struggling with Bite 5 – can see all the words, but can’t find a way to make sure that I can write pliers. the SAW means that the R is too far away from the only other S. Help!

    8. I cannot solve Bite 14. I know all the words but cannot get rifle. It’s driving me nuts. Can anyone help?

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