Wordscapes Azure (Woodland) Level 1457 – 1472 Answers and Cheats


Listed below are the answers and cheats to Azure levels 1457 to 1472 in Woodland Pack.

Level 1457

Level 1458

Level 1459

Level 1460

Level 1461

Level 1462

Level 1463

Level 1464

Level 1465

Level 1466

Level 1467

Level 1468

Level 1469

Level 1470

Level 1471

Level 1472


  1. Any ideas on how the letters to Azure work out? I have all the words but no matter which way I do it, I can’t seem to get the last word – Dynamite – to fit!?

  2. I’m on Azure 15 it keeps closing down which gives me a blank page. Then I have to come out of the page and re-enter. Also I’m not getting the first hint. This is very annoying can you offer any advise.

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