Wordscapes Ray (Woodland) Level 1441 – 1456 Answers and Cheats


Listed below are the answers and cheats to Ray levels 1441 to 1456 in Woodland Pack.


  1. I am at Ray Level 16 for 3 days. I have all the words….idea cup Freeze——- and mushroom. I’m left with the letters tahre which the word is earth, but I can’t to the “t”. I’ve tried all different word combinations but still can’t get to the T. Can you help please.

  2. In Ray Level 9. It’s says two earths. When it is Freeze, Cup, Mushroom, idea and earth BUT I can’t get earth to fit in

  3. My Ray level 13 is different from all the answers. Am I the only one with this grid. I have no help for it and have been stuck for a week.

  4. Ray, level 9, is not correct. EARTH cannot be used because the R is in the wrong place. Please fix. I cannot move forward. Thank you.

  5. Please help I am Stuck on Ray level…. No where can I find a cheat… Using a windows phone. My grid starts with monli

  6. The word earth in Ray level 16 is impossible to connect. I am unable to continue playing until this is fixed. Please help!!

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