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Wordscapes Level 2269 Leaf 13

Welcome to Slantsixgames containing answers to Wordscapes Puzzles, this specific post includes answers to Wordscapes Level 2269. This level is also known as Leaf 13 and it falls under Woods Category.

Wordscapes Leaf 13 Level 2269

  • ART
  • PAR
  • PAT
  • POT
  • PRO
  • RAT
  • ROT
  • TAP
  • TAR
  • TOP
  • APT
  • OAT
  • PART
  • PORT
  • ROAR
  • TARP
  • TRAP
  • RAPT

Wordscapes level 2269

You can go to Wordscapes Answers master page to find answers to all the levels. If you need help with Wordscapes Level 2270, click the link to proceed.

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