94% Answers


Answers to all the levels of 94% updated as recently as 2019, we are solving the weekly Thematic levels too and adding them as part of the solutions. Type in your questions in the search below for respective levels.


  1. What is the answers for level 7 celebrities with only one name ???? Adele Beyonce Madonna C_ _ _ What else?please!!!!

  2. Sports played without a ball its also darts, no riding or cycling anymore, or ski. The other levels have something wrong too.

  3. Wow! Must’ve had something to do with when you download the game and android or iPhone. Thx for your reply!!

  4. Looking for common wedding gifts just got a 7 letter word starting with g I don’t know and can’t find

  5. Synonyms for “nerd” I need one more but I don’t have it! So far, dork, brainiac, geek, dweeb, smarty pants, and ?

  6. please does someone know the answers to: things that require a license or permit, something a teacher would take away from a student and new years resolutions?

  7. There’s no fortune Cookie questions or new year resolution questions, please help been stuck here like forever.Thanks

  8. I am trying to get answers from level 85 and up. I can’t seem to find them anywhere. These are answers for android. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. Thank you so much!

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