Wordscapes Petal (Flora) Level 481 – 496 Answers and Cheats


Listed below are the answers and cheats to Petal levels 481 to 496 in Flora Pack.

Level 481

Level 482

Level 483

Level 484

Level 485

Level 486

Level 487

Level 488

Level 489

Level 490

Level 491

Level 492

Level 493

Level 494

Level 495

Level 496


  1. In wordscapes Petal level 1. I can find all words but there is no way to finish Shallow as the last word. First line is HEREMN. Second line is CAREOO. Third line is ASLUOC 4th Line is FLLTDR. FIfth line is WLICEA. And bottom line is OCOPBB. Words are Picture. bedroom Bacon Face collar and shallow.

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