Wordscapes Lush (Jungle) Level 689 – 704 Answers and Cheats


Listed below are the answers and cheats to Lush levels 689 to 704 in Jungle Pack.


  1. Hi There, Please create new tap for Lush and Ytei I solved all the levels I can give you all the answers if you like. Thank you

  2. I have all the words for Lush level 9 but cannot get them input in the correct order to complete the puzzle. There’s always 1 letter out of place at the end. So frustrating. Any step by step info??

  3. Lush section 2, word 3 …….cannot be completed. Impossible. It has major glitch. I am the only player this far. Stop begore you reach it. Farewell

  4. Correct puzzle 2 of Lush. It is impossible to do the third word as the K does not drop down far enoughafter the first word of Positive.

  5. I have all the words for Lush 13 but it isn’t the layout you show so your walkthrough is useless. Can anyone help? My layout shows existing at the right hand side

  6. My Lush is not the same as the video fir Lush one. Also, in the Answers it says theatre. The puzzle only takes theater

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