Wordscapes Peak (Mountain) Level 385 – 400 Answers and Cheats


Listed below are the answers and cheats to Peak levels 385 to 400 in Mountain Pack.

Level 385

Level 386

Level 387

Level 388

Level 389

Level 390

Level 391

Level 392

Level 393

Level 394

Level 395

Level 396

Level 397

Level 398

Level 399

Level 400


  1. Why do the levels I’m on not match up to the “cheats?” Peak level 3 is 8×8 but I only find smaller boards when I look for help…

  2. Peak level 9 doesn’t match up when you check it with game solver. It says one of the words is sheriff but the correct letters aren’t there. You can see the letters for the other words but can’t get to them.

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