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    GetFact Whale Answers

    Here are the answers to all the levels of GetFact Whale puzzles. Each puzzle is a fact and we have to find the missing word to complete the fact.

    • You can make human heart tissue from – SPINACH
    • Emma Martina Luigia Morano the world’s oldest person when she died at 117 outlived 90 Italian – GOVERNMENTS
    • Kangaroos keep cool by licking their – FOREARMS
    • The North American mosquito fish can count up to – FOUR
    • Britons use the __ emoji twice as often as any other nationality – WINKING
    • Tanzanians scare off elephants by bombarding them with condoms filled with – CHILLI POWDER
    • The Spartans washed newborn babies in – WINE
    • Korobikobou is Japanese police slang for deliberately bumping into a suspect and then arresting them for – OBSTRUCTION
    • Entopreneurs are people who farm new types of __ insect – EDIBLE
    • in the 17th century Greek monks thought that tobacco was the __ of Satan – EXCREMENT
    • Test tube babies thrive if played __ 24 hours a day – TECHNO MUSIC
    • Iceland imports – ICE CUBES
    • At the launch of the first __ in the US the crowds had to be restrained by riot police – BALLPOINT PEN
    • Arizona has a population of none – NOTHING
    • In the Second World War it was illegal to post __ patterns abroad in case they contained coded – KNITTING-MESSAGES
    • Humans have spent longer playing the game World of __ than they have existed as a species separate from __ 5.93 million years – WARCRAFT-CHIMPANZEES
    • Monks __ are popular __ in Argentina – BALLS-PASTRIES
    • Rapper Tupac Shakur was a former – BALLET DANCER
    • When the first Egyptian Pyramids were built __ still roamed the Earth – WOLLY MAMMOTHS
    • 47 species of fungus live inside – PILLOWS
    • In ancient China __ fur was used for __ towels – PANDA-SANITARY
    • South Korean __ sold to the Russian police in Siberia have proved to be useless because they don’t like the cold – SNIFFER DOGS
    • A tiger’s tongue is so rough that if it licked your __ it would draw blood – HAND
    • Can last two years between meals – TARANTULAS
    • In Japan police carry massive __ to roll up __ in – FUTONS-DRUNKS
    • All but one of the ravens at the Tower of London died from __ during the Blitz – STRESS
    • is the genre of music least likely to be played in the bedroom – MUSICAL THEATRE
    • 35 are reported in Britain each year – TORNADOES
    • Spiders can survive for hours __ by entering a __ coma – UNDERWATER-SELF INDUCED
    • The amount of money you get at the start of __ – fifteen thousand pounds – is the current average monthly __ in central London – MONOPOLY-RENT
    • Women were discouraged from __ in the 19th century as doctors warned they were susceptible to __ face – CYCLING-BICYCLE
    • When it gets hot normally carnivorous __ become vegetarian – TADPOLES

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