1. Can someone help me with the order of the words on dolphin level 18? I have been stuck for days with a r that I can not get to link up to end “jar”. I know all the words but not the correct solution. Thx!

  2. I am so stuck on dolphin,18 have all the words, but cannot get the right combo. helpppp …..words are bedroom,pumpkin,shout,ruler,lava, chair, and jar.

  3. dolphin 11 letters in chest section entirely different. Not solvable. Angry because really do enjoy the game but now cannot proceed.

  4. dolphin level 7. I have a different puzzle than the one solved. Same words, different configuration. Anyone solved it?

  5. dolphin level 18. i can get all the words apart from the ‘i’ in tail seems to be in the wrong place. When you spell it you cannot get umbrella ? Any help please

  6. dolphin level 9 – grid on my phone is different than what they show on the computer. No way to solve. How do you get to next puzzle?

  7. Majorly stuck on dolphin Level 13 — can not get the R’s where needed to get the solution HELP — is there a walkthrough??

  8. OMG where can I find an updated walkthrough of dolphin level 4!!!! I know all the words but can’t get it to work

  9. Trying to get right order dolphin level 12. Looked on web for help but the sequence of letters are not the same as mine? First line is Rtoueb, 2 ehciit, 3 ponste, 4 ypepit, 5 intras, 6 ezisot. Can anyone help, Chris

  10. Dolphin Level 19 is unsolvable!! NECKTIE is NOT in the puzzle….POINTER is the right word but I cannot solve!!!

  11. Dolphin level 2 shows different letters than what I have. Mine are pepter Everything I see is crvpcs, what do I do?

  12. I am on Dolphin level 7. I cannot get pulltab because I have already used the only P. Can someone let me know what to do. Can’t finish without this word!!

  13. In Level 2 of Dolphin, my word was attitude instead of elevator. Apparently, mine is just all messed up!

  14. My PUZZLE 19 Dolphin has different letters to app top line starts OOLAYL NO k to make up necktie. What do I do??

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