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1Ant Level 1 Answers - Wordbrain Cheats and AnswersWDLevel 1
2Ant Level 2 Answers - Wordbrain Cheats and AnswersCNLevel 2
3Ant Level 3 Answers - Wordbrain Cheats and AnswersEOLevel 3
4Ant Level 4 Answers - Wordbrain Cheats and AnswersLSLevel 4
5Ant Level 5 Answers - Wordbrain Cheats and AnswersMTLevel 5
6Ant Level 6 Answers - Wordbrain Cheats and AnswersLTLevel 6
7Ant Level 7 Answers - Wordbrain Cheats and AnswersCELevel 7
8Ant Level 8 Answers - Wordbrain Cheats and AnswersPULevel 8
9Ant Level 9 Answers - Wordbrain Cheats and AnswersMALevel 9
10Ant Level 10 Answers - Wordbrain Cheats and AnswersKCLevel 10
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  1. I know this might be an old version but cannot complete doctor level 2 despite knowing all the words-it is impossible ! Anyone know how to move on to the next puzzle if you cannot complete ?

  2. The description you have for Student level 12 is different to the one I am playing. All words are the same except YOU have dustbin where on mine it is stomach. There are too many s and h in puzzle. Cannot get it in order.

  3. Do the words have a theme or anything in common to know what you are looking for? The only hints I get are for the first letter, which is helpful, but when you are out of hints it would be helpful to know if the words have a theme.

  4. BOFT OSFA SRIE EHTM Is this what your level puzzle looks like? If you remove MEAT then SHERIFF you should have BO OST left. Go from the B down to O diagonally up to the other O diagonally down to T then left to S.

  5. Website needs up dating desperately as NONE of your answers are compatible with WINDOWS phone. So PLEASE please check this as it affects many people who otherwise enjoy & try to play the game . Please Help !!!

  6. I think your WordBrain 2 Word Master page is broken. All the links I tried reloaded the Master page. BTW This is the best, by far, of the WordBrain solutions sites I’ve seen.

  7. Prodigy, Crime, Level 3- Should be Assault, not Offense.Prodigy, Mammals, Should be Wolverine, not Monotreme. This is on Level 5. Brainiac, Level 2, Should be Climbing, not Puppetry. Brainiac, Textiles, Level 1 Should be burlap not rubber and Lycra not Motif

  8. On Word Mastermind, Level 4, it gives the word “storyteller” which is not in the puzzle. Instead the word, whatever it is starts with “mu.” Could you please tell me what it should be so that I can continue with the puzzle? I just love the WordBrain puzzles. Keep up the good work. I would like an answer ASAP. Thank Ypu.

  9. I have played this for years and unfortunately on an older iPad. The addition of ads between levels in the daily challenges causes the application to stop and I have to close it and restart. Very annoying. I’d use a newer device, but don’t want to lose my progress. I realize ads are how you make your money, but do they have to interrupt the flow of the game?

  10. In 26929 @@@ Mummy level 13 I am stuck and can’t get the word squeeze to work out. The ridiculous thing is that I did get it once but got stuck at the end. Now I can’t even get it at all. If you’re around Toby Chamberlain, please help me. I know the words but can not figure how what I am doing wrong.

  11. Ok, it’s been 2 days and no matter how hard I try I can’t find a way for the last 2 words on the right to fit. I know they are spot and bald but I can’t get that d from the top upper right to move. Help!

  12. I have discovered that if you Google the level you are stuck on, you will find several answers to click on and some of them offer answers to the “other” boards that some of us get. Try it. I have been able to get past all of those.

  13. I am on Teacher Level 19, and my letters do not look at all like the ones shown here. My top row, 2nd row, etc are entirely different. I am able to make a few of the words listed, but don’t have the letters for HANDBALL (no D, only one H which is used in the first word SHOWER). There is no way to solve this and move on to the next level. What can I do?Tara D. Van Cantfort Clown Level 2, PEPTER ??

  14. Thank you Grant, but we are not talking about same puzzle. I’m on OWL 1. No matter how I try there is an E left over 🙁 I have done the words in order as far as possible. i.e: BUTTER, ICEBERG…Would be delighted to know if anyone has finished it & cleared all letters.

  15. Ah I have worked out the words LONG since. That is not the help I need…I CANNOT get rid of that E. I need to clear the board…HELP 🙁 It’s a great game thus far, but this is beyond me…..

  16. Level 7 in teacher theme does not match the cheat instructions at all. Necklace is not on the left side. Iy is on the right side of the pizzle when facing it. Can someone explain how to get whistle and eraser. There are not enough “e” letters to complete this puzzle

  17. Level 12 of student…it shows dustbin as one of the words. There IS NO “b” in this puzzle. No wonder I can’t solve it. I think the word is stomach but can’t get it to work. ?????

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