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Android, IOS Games Questions and Answers


    1. I am having trouble placing the letters of the last 2 words in Minotaur7..I have all the words, just can’t get letters to work on server and cholesterol. Help please!

    2. Wordbrain has added a new theme: Minotaur. Thought I was finished (with your help after teacher), but evidently not! Extremely hard and only shows 1 person has completed theme. Hope you are working on this!

    3. I am stuck on the first word of level 5 Minotaur!! I know it starts with an I. Have you been able to find the cheats for this level?

    4. I am on Minotaur level 10 it cannot be solved walk through is wrong on your list as letters are not in the place you have them please help me

    5. I’ve been stuck on level 14 of Minotaur. Supreme is the first word but never fills in Very disappointing and frustrating. Is there a glitch? A way to move on?

    6. Hi All, I have been trying to solve Minotaur Level 19, I have the answers and order that they should be entered but just cant get it to work, any ideas please?

    7. Toby Chamberlain, would you be able to help with Minotaur Level 6 (STTHCETI) ? Says solved by 1 players at top. Nation seems the hardest word.

    8. I am on minotaur level 13. The puzzle is different than the one on cheats and has an x in it where as the answers do not have one x in any of them. I can’t move on and am stuck. Help

    9. I am stuck on minotaur Level 6, I know the answers but can’t get the order right, can someone please help, I cant go any further until I get this

    10. I’m stuck on minotaur level 16 and have been woking on it for several days. I can get every word excpt stern. I think I must be doing something wrong on the right hand side of the puzzle but I am having no luck in figuring out what it is. Please Toby if you could help me I’d be able to sleep at night.

    11. My version of minotaur Level 19 does not have the same letter layout. I have all the words but cannot use the correct letters, apparently. Help???

    12. minotaur level 19 it is impossible to get. There is no way to spell panties. Cheat has a different puzzle. Any suggestions

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