1. what words are replacing blouse, cart, bow in Monster level 10. missing a “b” and “s” can’t continue…very frustrating

  2. there is a problem with Monster level 10. my grid’s first line is: stlecdmb; not the same as online puzzle solver and seems to be missing a “b” so blouse cannot be formed. etc….what should I do to go to next…I am blocked

  3. Monster level 16. I have a the words, just can’t get the right order. I feel like the trick has to do with apple or profit. version 1.40.1

  4. 9th puzzle of monster doesn’t match ….lorry is not in the puzzle…..can’t figure it out…any help out there?

  5. Help!!!!!!!I have all the words for monster level 8 but have been trying for days to get them into the right order

  6. I am on monster level and I know the words but cannot swipe them correctly. I have tried everything. I cannot move on because I can’t solve this one.

  7. I am stuck on level 18 monster! I know all the words but just can’t get them right order. I need to move on!

  8. I have all the words for monster level 1 but no matter what order i put them in I can’t solve the puzzle. Been stuck for weeks please help.

  9. My monster level 16 the word panties is not there, that word is suppose to be chapter followed by gloves but then if you do scales and table you can not get sofa, someone please help me

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