1. My lion level 13 is 8 letters accross and 8 letters down. There are 9 words to find. It doesnt match anything on this Lion levels above. Does anyone else have that? I can’t figure out the 4th word. 6 letters starting with la???? & I am only gettig 1 free hint a day. I used to get 3. Is that happening to anyone else?

  2. I am on lion level 12 & I have had the words but they just won’t work in order! I have tried every way I can but still can’t get it out! I checked the answers on here today & I followed the order they are listed in & still can’t get it out! HELP!!!!!

  3. If anyone can assist im on lion n0:16 mince, scales, robot, eye, and pigsty r the 5 words.

  4. I have the same problem as Carolyn Schaefer.Very frustrating ! Lion Level 12 does not fall into place even though I have tried to use all the correct words in various ways.

  5. Any ideas on how the letters to Lion work out? I have all the words but no matter which way I do it, I can’t seem to get the last word – Dynamite – to fit!?

  6. I’m on Lion 15 it keeps closing down which gives me a blank page. Then I have to come out of the page and re-enter. Also I’m not getting the first hint. This is very annoying can you offer any advise.

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