Wordscapes Answers and Cheats All Levels 2021


An easy to use puzzle solver for Wordscapes with all answers and cheats. Use the search function to search through the table for respective levels. After entering the level number make sure to hit the search button to find the respective level solutions.
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Wordscapes is one of the most trending puzzles of 2019, the puzzles are so addictive that people rave about them on social media like Twitter and Facebook. Wordscapes developed by Peoplefun are known for their quality apps, they put efforts in giving us a visually stunning and pleasing sound puzzles. This is one such tweet showing how addictive the game is

My first semester at #CMCSS ended today and I’m so thankful for the growth I’ve felt. I then spent my evening playing over 100 levels in #wordscapes 🤦🏻‍♀️ … I can’t seem to shut my brain off just yet! Been awake since 130. It’s after 3. My alarm is set for 5 to go to the gym. But I’m just gonna get up now as be there at 5 when they open because INSOMNIA. GUESS ILL PLAY ANOTHER HOUR OF WORDSCAPES

Please comment below if you are stuck with any specific level. There are totally 6000 levels as of April 2019.

Rise [1-4]Pine [13-20]Ravine [81-96]
Grow [5-8]Dew [21-32]Pass [97-112]
Shine [9-12]Flow [33-48]Arch [113-128]
Fog [49-64]Cliff [129-144]
Life [65-80]Pillar [145-160]
Wind [161-176]Shore [241-256]Crest [321-336]
Rays [177-192]Frond [257-272]Fjord [337-352]
Dusk [193-208]Palm [273-288]Climb [353-368]
Cloud [209-224]Beach [289-304]Scale [369-384]
Sun [225-240]Coast [305-320]Peak [385-400]
Chill [401-416]Petal [481-496]Fall [561-576]
Bite [417-432]Lily [497-512]Bark [577-592]
Flake [433-448]Bloom [513-528]Red [593-608]
White [449-464]Field [529-544]Vivid [609-624]
Frost [465-480]Seed [545-560]Cover [625-640]
Vine [641-656]Spire [721-736]Vast [801-816]
Thick [657-672]Rock [737-752]Wave [817-832]
Wild [673-688]Sierra [753-768]Storm [833-848]
Lush [689-704]Dune [769-784]Blue [849-864]
Green [705-720]Sand [785-800]Depth [865-880]
Sail [881-896]Calm [961-976]Climb [1041-1056]
Haze [897-912]Set [977-992]Above [1057-1072]
Soar [913-928]Serene [993-1008]Fall [1073-1088]
Wind [929-944]Air [1009-1024]Below [1089-1104]
Amber [945-960]Grace [1025-1040]Arrive [1105-1120]
Mist [1121-1136]Fresh [1201-1216]Wood [1281-1296]
Bright [1137-1152]Shell [1217-1232]Valley [1297-1312]
Dawn [1153-1168]Wash [1233-1248]Lake [1313-1328]
Brood [1169-1184]Aqua [1249-1264]Range [1329-1344]
View [1185-1200]Pebble [1265-1280]River [1345-1360]
Cosmo [1361-1376]Ray [1441-1456]Flat [1521-1536]
Luna [1377-1392]Azure [1457-1472]Erode [1537-1552]
Strato [1393-1408]Toad [1473-1488]Arid [1553-1568]
Polar [1409-1424]Brook [1489-1504]Lime [1569-1584]
Solis [1425-1440]Leaf [1505-1520]Arch [1585-1600]
White [1601-1616]Mist [1681-1696]Climb [1761-1776]
Valley [1617-1632]Bright [1697-1712]Above [1777-1792]
Lake [1633-1648]Dawn [1713-1728]Fall [1793-1808]
Icey [1649-1664]Brood [1729-1744]Below [1809-1824]
Shine [1665-1680]View [1745-1760]Arrive [1825-1840]
Ray [1841-1856]Calm [1921-1936]Fresh [2001-2016]
Azure [1857-1872]Set [1937-1952]Shell [2017-2032]
Toad [1873-1888]Serene [1953-1968]Wash [2033-2048]
Brook [1889-1904]Air [1969-1984]Aqua [2049-2064]
Leaf [1905-1920]Grace [1985-2000]Pebble [2065-2080]
Mist [2081-2096]Fall [2161-2176]Fir [2241-2256]
Bright [2097-2112]Bark [2177-2192]Leaf [2257-2272]
Dawn [2113-2128]Red [2193-2208]Fall [2273-2288]
Brood [2129-2144]Vivid [2209-2224]Mossy [2289-2304]
View [2145-2160]Cover [2225-2240]Bright [2305-2320]
Rise [2321-2336]Ripple [2401-2416]River [2481-2496]
Sand [2337-2352]Wave [2417-2432]Curve [2497-2512]
Dawn [2353-2368]Calm [2433-2448]Hole [2513-2528]
Drift [2369-2384]Breeze [2449-2464]Mist [2529-2544]
Dry [2385-2400]Float [2465-2480]Spire [2545-2560]
Valley [2561-2576]Palm [2641-2656]Valley [2721-2736]
Sky [2577-2592]Beach [2657-2672]Up [2737-2752]
Lake [2593-2608]Clear [2673-2688]Height [2753-2768]
Vast [2609-2624]Star [2689-2704]Peace [2769-2784]
Shore [2625-2640]Dusk [2705-2720]Crest [2785-2800]
Frost [2801-2816]Mist [2881-2896]Fog [2961-2976]
Freeze [2817-2832]Pond [2897-2912]Birch [2977-2992]
Light [2833-2848]Shine [2913-2928]Ruby [2993-3008]
Melt [2849-2864]Grass [2929-2944]Oak [3009-3024]
Snow [2865-2880]Frond [2945-2960]Grove [3025-3040]
Rain ForestRowsBasin
Green [3041-3056]Field [3121-3136]Chill [3201-3216]
Grow [3057-3072]Lines [3137-3152]Slope [3217-3232]
Curl [3073-3088]Far [3153-3168]Rock [3233-3248]
Frond [3089-3104]Grain [3169-3184]Cove [3249-3264]
Lush [3105-3120]Seed [3185-3200]Marsh [3265-3280]
View [3281-3296]Below [3361-3376]Light [3441-3456]
River [3297-3312]Coast [3377-3392]Gaze [3457-3472]
Cliff [3313-3328]Sea [3393-3408]Sky [3473-3488]
Rapid [3329-3344]Lavish [3409-3424]Watch [3489-3504]
Pine [3345-3360]Bluff [3425-3440]Shine [3505-3520]
Glass [3521-3536]Pyre [3601-3616]Bright [3681-3696]
Still [3537-3552]Opal [3617-3632]Emit [3697-3712]
Crest [3553-3568]Zeal [3633-3648]Sol [3713-3728]
Ripple [3569-3584]Fit [3649-3664]Arise [3729-3744]
Arise [3585-3600]Space [3665-3680]Gift [3745-3760]
Bask [3761-3776]Fern [3841-3856]Heat [3921-3936]
Wall [3777-3792]Leaf [3857-3872]Erode [3937-3952]
Chisel [3793-3808]Aerial [3873-3888]Bare [3953-3968]
Tower [3809-3824]Bank [3889-3904]Set [3969-3984]
Wisp [3825-3840]Roll [3905-3920]Fuchsia [3985-4000]
Breeze [4001-4016]Sand [4081-4096]Gully [4161-4176]
Gust [4017-4032]Brim [4097-4112]Chasm [4177-4192]
Air [4033-4048]Bank [4113-4128]Flume [4193-4208]
Gale [4049-4064]Tide [4129-4144]Pass [4209-4224]
Whisk [4065-4080]Sea [4145-4160]Depth [4225-4240]
Grass [4241-4256]Glacial [4321-4336]Celest [4401-4416]
Vine [4257-4272]Frigid [4337-4352]Sky [4417-4432]
Shrub [4273-4288]Polar [4353-4368]Sol [4433-4448]
Flower [4289-4304]Glaze [4369-4384]Depth [4449-4464]
Tree [4305-4320]Ice [4385-4400]Moon [4465-4480]
Crag [4481-4496]Still [4561-4576]Bud [4641-4656]
Geode [4497-4512]Calm [4577-4592]Seed [4657-4672]
Grand [4513-4528]Quell [4593-4608]Jade [4673-4688]
Crest [4529-4544]Flat [4609-4624]Fern [4689-4704]
Top [4545-4560]Bare [4625-4640]Verde [4705-4720]
Crag [4721-4736]Icicle [4801-4816]Bulb [4881-4896]
Swept [4737-4752]Sleet [4817-4832]Float [4897-4912]
Plain [4753-4768]Chill [4833-4848]Bud [4913-4928]
Dust [4769-4784]Shiver [4849-4864]Pollen [4929-4944]
Warm [4785-4800]Cube [4865-4880]Bloom [4945-4960]
Star [4961-4976]Fault [5041-5056]Wood [5121-5136]
Way [4977-4992]Peak [5057-5072]Mist [5137-5152]
Bask [4993-5008]Crag [5073-5088]Path [5153-5168]
Vast [5009-5024]High [5089-5104]Lush [5169-5184]
Space [5025-5040]Climb [5105-5120]Grove [5185-5200]
WildwoodBareHigh Seas
Marsh [5201-5216]Tower [5281-5296]Under [5361-5376]
Erode [5217-5232]Stone [5297-5312]Crest [5377-5392]
Solice [5233-5248]Desert [5313-5328]Squall [5393-5408]
Adrift [5249-5264]Knoll [5329-5344]Azure [5409-5424]
Inlet [5265-5280]Brink [5345-5360]Brisk [5425-5440]
Soar [5441-5456]Still [5521-5536]Rise [5601-5616]
Lane [5457-5472]Rock [5537-5552]Aloft [5617-5632]
Fall [5473-5488]Placid [5553-5568]Free [5633-5648]
Gale [5489-5504]Still [5569-5584]Flow [5649-5664]
Gold [5505-5520]Peace [5585-5600]Reach [5665-5680]
Haze [5681-5696]Gleam [5761-5776]Grove [5841-5856]
Join [5697-5712]Chase [5777-5792]Vale [5857-5872]
Blush [5713-5728]Bank [5793-5808]Pond [5873-5888]
Flock [5729-5744]Tide [5809-5824]Field [5889-5904]
Vista [5745-5760]Soak [5825-5840]Steam [5905-5920]
SublimeMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Mood [5921-5936]River [6001-6016]Sand [6081-6096]
Moon [5937-5952]Arid [6017-6032]Spire [6097-6112]
Stars [5953-5968]View [6033-6048]Up [6113-6128]
Arctic [5969-5984]Serene [6049-6064]Frond [6129-6144]
Sails [5985-6000]View [6065-6080]Lines [6145-6160]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Pine [6161-6176]Bright [6241-6256]Brood [6321-6336]
Still [6177-6192]Range [6257-6272]Rise [6337-6352]
Arise [6193-6208]Flat [6273-6288]Hole [6353-6368]
Rock [6209-6224]Brood [6289-6304]Vally [6369-6384]
Wind [6225-6240]Calm [6305-6320]Shine [6385-6400]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Field [6401-6416]Soar [6481-6496]Leaf [6561-6576]
Cliff [6417-6432]Arrive [6497-6512]Bright [6577-6592]
Shine [6433-6448]Valley [6513-6528]Mossy [6593-6608]
Sol [6449-6464]Leaf [6529-6544]Cure [6609-6624]
Green [6465-6480]Bright [6545-6560]Star [6625-6640]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Pond [6641-6656]Lush [6721-6736]Mist [6801-6816]
Frond [6657-6672]Sail [6737-6752]Toad [6817-6832]
View [6673-6688]Fall [6753-6768]Pebble [6833-6848]
Watch [6689-6704]Wood [6769-6784]Fall [6849-6864]
Bright [6705-6720]Toad [6785-6800]Float [6865-6880]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Clear [6881-6896]Space [6961-6976]Azure [7041-7056]
Snow [6897-6912]Thick [6977-6992]Icey [7057-7072]
Grow [6913-6928]Blue [6993-7008]Ray [7073-7088]
Marsh [6929-6944]Above [7009-7024]Aqua [7089-7104]
Gaze [6945-6960]Aqua [7025-7040]Fir [7105-7120]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Breeze [7121-7136]Light [7201-7216]Wash [7281-7296]
Palm [7137-7152]Zeal [7217-7232]Solis [7297-7312]
Light [7153-7168]Cover [7233-7248]Valley [7313-7328]
Green [7169-7184]Storm [7249-7264]Arrive [7329-7344]
Rock [7185-7200]Grace [7265-7280]Shell [7345-7360]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Cover [7361-7376]Slope [7441-7456]Air [7521-7536]
Wave [7377-7392]Lavish [7457-7472]Fresh [7537-7552]
Vast [7393-7408]Pyre [7473-7488]Strato [7553-7568]
Freeze [7409-7424]Vivid [7489-7504]White [7569-7584]
Oak [7425-7440]Vast [7505-7520]Fall [7585-7600]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Fresh [7601-7616]Ruby [7681-7696]Sand [7761-7776]
Red [7617-7632]Seed [7697-7712]Set [7777-7792]
Dry [7633-7648]Coast [7713-7728]Brood [7793-7808]
Lake [7649-7664]Arise [7729-7744]Luna [7809-7824]
Crest [7665-7680]Wall [7745-7760]Lime [7825-7840]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Above [7841-7856]Peace [7921-7936]Bask [8001-8016]
Air [7857-7872]Fog [7937-7952]Sierra [8017-8032]
Fall [7873-7888]Far [7953-7968]Calm [8033-8048]
Drift [7889-7904]Below [7969-7984]Dawn [8049-8064]
Valley [7905-7920]Crest [7985-8000]River [8065-8080]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Arid [8081-8096]Spire [8161-8176]Still [8241-8256]
View [8097-8112]Up [8177-8192]Arise [8257-8272]
Serene [8113-8128]Frond [8193-8208]Rock [8273-8288]
View [8129-8144]Lines [8209-8224]Wind [8289-8304]
Sand [8145-8160]Rapid [8225-8240]Mist [8305-8320]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Range [8321-8336]Rise [8401-8416]Rise [8401-8416]
Flat [8337-8352]Hole [8417-8432]Hole [8417-8432]
Brood [8353-8368]Valley [8433-8448]Valley [8433-8448]
Calm [8369-8384]Shine [8449-8464]Shine [8449-8464]
Dawn [8385-8400]Lush [8465-8480]Lush [8465-8480]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Cliff [8481-8496]Arrive [8561-8576]Bright [8641-8656]
Shine [8497-8512]Valley [8577-8592]Mossy [8657-8672]
Sol [8513-8528]Leaf [8593-8608]Curve [8673-8688]
Green [8529-8544]Bright [8609-8624]Star [8689-8704]
Haze [8545-8560]Brook [8625-8640]Mist [8705-8720]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Frond [8721-8736]Sail [8801-8816]Toad [8881-8896]
View [8737-8752]Fall [8817-8832]Pebble [8897-8912]
Watch [8753-8768]Wood [8833-8848]Fall [8913-8928]
Bright [8769-8784]Toad [8849-8864]Float [8929-8944]
Wild [8785-8800]Shine [8865-8880]Beach [8945-8960]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Snow [8961-8976]Tick [9041-9056]Icey [9121-9136]
Grow [8977-8992]Blue [9057-9072]Ray [9137-9152]
Marsh [8993-9008]Above [9073-9088]Aqua [9153-9168]
Daze [9009-9024]Aqua [9089-9104]Fir [9169-9184]
Fit [9025-9040]Ray [9105-9120]Calm [9185-9200]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Palm [9201-9216]Zeal [9281-9296]Solis [9361-9376]
Light [9217-9232]Power [9297-9312]Valley [9377-9392]
Green [9233-9248]Storm [9313-9328]Arrive [9393-9408]
Rock [9249-9264]Grace [9329-9344]Shell [9409-9424]
Bluff [9265-9280]Shell [9345-9360]Vivid [9425-9440]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Wave [9441-9456]Lavish [9521-9536]Fresh [9601-9616]
Vast [9457-9472]Pyre [9537-9552]Strato [9617-9632]
Freeze [9473-9488]Vivid [9553-9568]White [9633-9648]
Oak [9489-9504]Vast [9569-9584]Fall [9649-9664]
Chill [9505-9520]Serene [9585-9600]Grace [9665-9680]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Red [9681-9696]Seed [9761-9776]Set [9841-9856]
Dry [9697-9712]Coast [9777-9792]Brood [9857-9872]
Lake [9713-9728]Arise [9793-9808]Luna [9873-9888]
Crest [9729-9744]Wall [9809-9824]Lime [9889-9904]
Birch [9745-9760]Dune [9825-9840]Climb [9905-9920]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Air [9921-9936]Fog [10001-10016]Sierra [10081-10096]
Fall [9937-9952]Far [10017-10032]Amber [10097-10112]
Drift [9953-9968]Below [10033-10048]Dawn [10113-10128]
Valley [9969-9984]Crest [10049-10064]River [10129-10144]
Peace [9985-10000]Bask [10065-10080]Arid [10145-10160]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
View [10161-10176]Up [10241-10256]Arise [10321-10336]
Set [10177-10192]Grass [10257-10272]Spire [10337-10352]
View [10193-10208]Lines [10273-10288]Wind [10353-10368]
Sand [10209-10224]Rapid [10289-10304]Mist [10369-10384]
Spire [10225-10240]Still [10305-10320]Range [10385-10400]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Flat [10401-10416]Hole [10481-10496]Shine [10561-10576]
Dawn [10417-10432]Dusk [10497-10512]Emit [10577-10592]
Calm [10433-10448]Shine [10513-10528]Green [10593-10608]
Dawn [10449-10464]Lush [10529-10544]Haze [10609-10624]
Rise [10465-10480]Cliff [10545-10560]Arrive [10625-10640]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Valley [10641-10656]Mossy [10721-10736]View [10801-10816]
Brook [10657-10672]River [10737-10752]Sky [10817-10832]
Bright [10673-10688]Star [10753-10768]Bright [10833-10848]
Brook [10689-10704]Mist [10769-10784]Wild [10849-10864]
Bright [10705-10720]Frond [10785-10800]Sail [10865-10880]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Fall [10881-10896]Pebble [10961-10976]Grow [11041-11056]
Pebble [10897-10912]Leaf [10977-10992]Cove [11057-11072]
Toad [10913-10928]Float [10993-11008]Gaze [11073-11088]
Shine [10929-10944]Beach [11009-11024]Fit [11089-11104]
Toad [10945-10960]Snow [11025-11040]Thick [11105-11120]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Blue [11121-11136]Ray [11201-11216]Light [11281-11296]
Climb [11137-11152]Wash [11217-11232]Grove [11297-11312]
Aqua [11153-11168]Fir [11233-11248]Rock [11313-11328]
Ray [11169-11184]Calm [11249-11264]Bluff [11329-11344]
Icey [11185-11200]Palm [11265-11280]Zeal [11345-11360]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Cover [11361-11376]Valley [11441-11456]Vast [11521-11536]
Wave [11377-11392]Below [11457-11472]Frost [11537-11552]
Grace [11393-11408]Shell [11473-11488]Oak [11553-11568]
Shell [11409-11424]Vivid [11489-11504]Chill [11569-11584]
Solis [11425-11440]Wave [11505-11520]Lavish [11585-11600]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Pyre [11601-11616]Strato [11681-11696]Dry [11761-11776]
Red [11617-11632]Arch [11697-11712]Sky [11777-11792]
Vast [11633-11648]Fall [11713-11728]Crest [11793-11808]
Serene [11649-11664]Grace [11729-11744]Birch [11809-11824]
Fresh [11665-11680]Red [11745-11760]Seed [11825-11840]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Coast [11841-11856]Brood [11921-11936]Fall [12001-12016]
Arise [11857-11872]Luna [11937-11952]Drift [12017-12032]
Wall [11873-11888]Lime [11953-11968]Valley [12033-12048]
Dune [11889-11904]Climb [11969-11984]Height [12049-12064]
Set [11905-11920]Air [11985-12000]Fog [12065-12080]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Far [12081-12096]Amber [12161-12176]Set [12241-12256]
Below [12097-12112]Dawn [12177-12192]View [12257-12272]
Crest [12113-12128]River [12193-12208]Sand [12273-12288]
Gift [12129-12144]Erode [12209-12224]Mist [12289-12304]
Sierra [12145-12160]View [12225-12240]Up [12305-12320]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Grass [12321-12336]Spire [12401-12416]Dawn [12481-12496]
Lines [12337-12352]Wind [12417-12432]Calm [12497-12512]
Rapid [12353-12368]Mist [12433-12448]Dawn [12513-12528]
Glass [12369-12384]Lake [12449-12464]Bright [12529-12544]
Arise [12385-12400]Flat [12465-12480]Hole [12545-12560]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Dusk [12561-12576]Emit [12641-12656]Brook [12721-12736]
Shine [12577-12592]Green [12657-12672]Bright [12737-12752]
Lush [12593-12608]Haze [12673-12688]Brook [12753-12768]
River [12609-12624]Below [12689-12704]Mist [12769-12784]
Shine [12625-12640]Valley [12705-12720]Mossy [12785-12800]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
River [12801-12816]Sky [12881-12896]Pebble [12961-12976]
Star [12817-12832]Bright [12897-12912]Toad [12977-12992]
Mist [12833-12848]Wild [12913-12928]Shine [12993-13008]
Curl [12849-12864]Depth [12929-12944]Azure [13009-13024]
View [12865-12880]Fall [12945-12960]Pebble [13025-13040]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Leaf [13041-13056]Cove [13121-13136]Climb [13201-13216]
Float [13057-13072]Gaze [13137-13152]Aqua [13217-13232]
Beach [13073-13088]Fit [13153-13168]Ray [13233-13248]
Melt [13089-13104]Vine [13169-13184]Lake [13249-13264]
Grow [13105-13120]Blue [13185-13200]Ray [13265-13280]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Wash [13281-13296]Grove [13361-13376]Wave [13441-13456]
Fir [13297-13312]Rock [13377-13392]Grace [13457-13472]
Calm [13313-13328]Bluff [13393-13408]Shell [13473-13488]
Shore [13329-13344]Opal [13409-13424]Polar [13489-13504]
Light [13345-13360]Cover [13425-13440]Valley [13505-13520]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Below [13521-13536]Frost [13601-13616]Red [13681-13696]
Shell [13537-13552]Oak [13617-13632]Vast [13697-13712]
Vivid [13553-13568]Chill [13633-13648]Serene [13713-13728]
Ripple [13569-13584]Sea [13649-13664]View [13729-13744]
Vast [13585-13600]Pyre [13665-13680]Strato [13745-13760]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Arch [13761-13776]Sky [13841-13856]Ripple [13921-13936]
Fall [13777-13792]Crest [13857-13872]Wall [13937-13952]
Grace [13793-13808]Birch [13873-13888]Dune [13953-13968]
Red [13809-13824]Seed [13889-13904]Set [13969-13984]
Dry [13825-13840]Coast [13905-13920]Brood [13985-14000]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Cosmo [14001-14016]Dawn [14081-14096]Pine [14161-14176]
Lime [14017-14032]Valley [14097-14112]Crest [14177-14192]
Climb [14033-14048]Height [14113-14128]Gift [14193-14208]
Air [14049-14064]Fog [14129-14144]Sierra [14209-14224]
Fall [14065-14080]Far [14145-14160]Amber [14225-14240]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Bright [14241-14256]Brood [14321-14336]Field [14401-14416]
River [14257-14272]Sand [14337-14352]Rapid [14417-14432]
Erode [14273-14288]Mist [14353-14368]Glass [14433-14448]
View [14289-14304]Up [14369-14384]Arise [14449-14464]
Set [14305-14320]Grass [14385-14400]Spire [14465-14480]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Soar [14481-14496]Leaf [14561-14576]Pond [14641-14656]
Mist [14497-14512]Dawn [14577-14592]Lush [14657-14672]
Lake [14513-14528]Bright [14593-14608]River [14673-14688]
Flat [14529-14544]Hole [14609-14624]Shine [14689-14704]
Dawn [14545-14560]Dusk [14625-14640]Emit [14705-14720]
Master LevelsMaster LevelsMaster Levels
Lush [14721-14736]Mist [14801-14816]Clear [14881-14896]
Haze [14737-14752]Brook [14817-14832]Mist [14897-14912]
Below [14753-14768]Mist [14833-14848]Curl [14913-14928]
Valley [14769-14784]Mossy [14849-14864]View [14929-14944]
Brook [14785-14800]River [14865-14880]Sky [14945-14960]
Master Levels
Space [14961-14976]
Wild [14977-14992]
Depth [14993-15008]


  1. I know all the words for Bulb level 11 but the letters are different then on solve page. There is NO way to solve it the way it is layed out what do I do.???

  2. I know this might be an old version but cannot complete Pyre level 2 despite knowing all the words-it is impossible ! Anyone know how to move on to the next puzzle if you cannot complete ?

  3. There has been an update November 54 and now none of these answers are correct. The puzzles are entirely different.When will you update your answers?

  4. Ok you advanced peeps. I am on birds, just started .. letters EPKE LIDL ACUG WCEA am in Australia, so maybe birds in Europe or America. Help please.

  5. My puzzle is set up wrong.I have the word but it can’t be put in. Cause the letters are incorrect.im on rat level 9. And it won’t let me put the word enjoy in

  6. I have had a lot of discrepencies as well. My letters have been totally different and also different words.

  7. The description you have for Bluff level 12 is different to the one I am playing. All words are the same except YOU have dustbin where on mine it is stomach. There are too many s and h in puzzle. Cannot get it in order.

  8. I have all the answers but cant get final word in order of squares to solve puzzle and move on to next. Infuriating heeeellp

  9. GREAT!! I updated my app and now not only can’t i solved Whale Level 10, i do NOT get the free hints for watching the video!!!

  10. Also please when asking for help quote the theme, level and the top line of grid letters as not all levels are in order for everyone.

  11. Watch Level 5 is unsolvable!! NECKTIE is NOT in the puzzle….POINTER is the right word but I cannot solve!!!

  12. The Level 5 I see starts with the top row ITOMER, not TOSDNL. Trousers has been replaced with another word. Anyone solve this?

  13. Bluff Level 12 cannot be solved as is. Answer shows the word DUSTBIN but puzzle has STOMACH. How can we move on???

  14. I cannot get more free hints even though I am continuing to solve puzzles…. I am mid way through the Penguin stage and haven’t received hints for the last 500 points. Help

  15. I’m on level7 and has been offered a hint if I watch a video but never receive it after watching. This has happened 4+ times. What’s the problem.?

  16. Same thing has been happening to me since level 5. Free hint is offered; I watch the video; free hint is not given. Really sucks. Please fix this issue.

  17. I cant get through the video then it stops and goes to mag interactive and i cant get the free hint. Why is mag interactive on here it never was before

  18. On Opal -Grid ten (10) there is a “B” in the grid, but no B’s in the words. I believe rather then GLOVE, hit should be GLOBE.

  19. Level 14 (not sure what category) is not possible to solve. I purchased 10 hints anyway, and it filled in the answers and the puzzle is “solved” and yet it won’t let us move on. The words are ghost, shoelace, and cup. I hope you can fix this because everyone in my household, including my 94-yr-old mother, loves playing wordscapes.Thank you!

  20. I can’t get this level either. I know all the words and have tried all different orders for the words with no luck. Can anyone give a clue?

  21. I’m stuck here now too. Has to be a bug because the little arrow down on the bottom doesn’t circulate even though you can’t spell eye. Any solutions?

  22. I am having this problem too. No matter how I try the words in the puzzle, eye and pigsty just won’t line up correctly. Help!!

  23. Do the words have a theme or anything in common to know what you are looking for? The only hints I get are for the first letter, which is helpful, but when you are out of hints it would be helpful to know if the words have a theme.

  24. BOFT OSFA SRIE EHTM Is this what your level puzzle looks like? If you remove MEAT then SHERIFF you should have BO OST left. Go from the B down to O diagonally up to the other O diagonally down to T then left to S.

  25. Is there any way the wordscapes puzzle page could be slightly redesigned? It is frighteningly easy to accidentally press the Hints icon by accident on my iPad mini and I would dearly like it to be moved to the top of the page where I can’t rub my finger over it by mistake.

  26. I have the same issue on the iPhone. The hints button is right next to the iPhone home button. Wasted many hints without realizing it

  27. My partner has been stuck on level 238 for 2 week, we have found the 7 letter word but can’t find anymore.Have you found anything?

  28. Hi, I am halfway through Glass, and this morning (4th Feb 516) the app froze, then disappeared from my ipad! I think this coincided with an upgrade? If I reinstall, will I have to start again? Couldn’t bear it and would abandon the challenge altogether.

  29. Pyre, level 10, I believe,has cemetery as one of its words but that is an incorrect spelling. The walk through has it correct however.

  30. Never mind I finally was able to get the words to disappear. My download takes days to accept the words I put in. All of a sudden it starts accepting them. So frustrating!!!

  31. At times more so in the beginning of the game I will spell a word and it’s not accepted, but once the game gets down to the last few words the exact word that was previously not accepted will now be accept?

  32. Thank you!! Apartment is a great start…BUT no Fs, Bs or Ds in the puzzle I have so I need to keep looking .. but at least I have the theme now so will persevere some more!! Life saver.. had decided to abandon wordscapes!!

  33. The grid does not open in my iPhone. Please help. I get the “wordscapes” word and a “back” arrow but not the grid.

  34. The grid does not open in my iPhone. Please help. I get the “wordscapes” word and a “back” arrow but not the grid. I am on Dinasaur level 3.

  35. Need some help anyone please. Been stuck for some time now on octopus 5- NOOLK Can’t find any help or correct hints, Windows phone. Found comments, hope it helps, someone PLEASE !!!

  36. Website needs up dating desperately as NONE of your answers are compatible with WINDOWS phone. So PLEASE please check this as it affects many people who otherwise enjoy & try to play the game . Please Help !!!

  37. My Gaze 14 doesn’t match the answers given on various websites I know oil is my 3 letter word PLEASE someone help!!!!!

  38. Level 9 cannot be completed- chimney can’t be entered so how can I move on. I wasted some of my hints trying to put in the last word. I would like credit and want to move on. Please reply

  39. Level 2 on sciencetst cannot be completed due to the O In row 6 mysteriously disappeared and therefore cannot enter the word BUTTER, how do I move past this level..

  40. I LOVE the game!!! Twice I did not receive hints that I have earned some by posting on Facebook and earning hints through completing a level. Thank you

  41. Why does the shuffle button not shuffle the letters? Sometimes they have to be shuffled in order to solve puzzle.

  42. Hello, Just downloaded game and I’m enjoying it but I came across a glitch/bug on level 5 whereby the letters of the solution word aren’t lined up in an order you can swipe them (in this case, the words are melon and well). I tried using the reset but it didn’t jumble the letters around. Now I can’t get past the level. Any fix for this?

  43. Hello. Here’s the problem. When I complete a level, it says I get three new hints. That worked fine and I ended up with 58 hints. I completed one level and it said I would get three additional hints if I ‘liked’ on FB. It didn’t give me the extra hints. Over several levels, I used 8 hints so I had 50 left. I completed three more levels and was supposed to get three more hints upon completing each. I did not get the extra hints. I’ve still got only 50 points and am short so many hints, I’ve lost count! What’s happening?

  44. I’m just starting & I can’t get the letters to swipe. When I try they just jiggle. If I can’t get this solved I will just delete it & play my other games. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

  45. Still stuck on Windows Pyre last level know screwdriver and pruner been stuck for a month. Please please some help

  46. I bought 150 hints to day, for £7.99, and you still have not put them onto my account. So I cannot play any more until you add them. THerefore I don’t trust you. Refund my money immediately, and cancel my request. I will do crosswords instead. I don’t like it that there is nowhere to contact you on your website, apart from this comment board. I think your service is very dodgy.

  47. How come the harrow warning us we’re not doing it the right way doesn’t warn us anymore by turning around? It was a great help especially when we are at quite an advance grid of 6 to 7 words. Please help.

  48. How do you swipe a letter on the wordscapes/Brainturk game online. I have tried everything and I can’t “swipe a letter” as it states I should do. Please help!!!

  49. Valentines Challenge 9/02/53 1-Half, Worry 2- Front, Hand 3- Number, Set 4- Walk, Woman 5- Lunch, Officer, Turn

  50. I’m doing the valentine challenge & have been given 86 hearts from the start & no more since?!! Seems rather strange. Surely I get additional hearts after each completed set? I also share to my Twitter!

  51. wordscapes 2 has added a bunch of new levels since your last update (there have been at least two sets of new puzzles). Please PLEASE add the new puzzles! You guys are the best hint system around by far. I’m really missing you on these harder levels! (Grids are now 8×8!) Thx! 🙂

  52. I having the same problem with level 6 also. The word that starts with G is giant, but the letters that are left is LORRY. Please Help

  53. I have the same problem! It should be lorry, but with the hints it reads giant. Now what????There isn’t even a g on the grid!

  54. Stuck on level 4 of Opal. Cannot find the hints for it. STCRLOH is what I have. Help plz. Also I have not received my hints for finishing the last category.

  55. I find the location of the HINT button is too easy to hit accidentally. The other day I set my iPad down and picked it up an hour later and 27 hints had been used! Clearly I must have picked it up with my thumb on the HINT button. If the HINT button were in the top center or bottom center of the layout it would be harder to hit accidentally. Actually, top center is best. Also, make it so you have to hit the HINT button a second time to activate the HINT…see Word Chums game HINT button.

  56. As well as relocating the HINT button, make it MUCH smaller. Again, it’s too easy to accidentally activate.

  57. Any chance you will extend hints and answers for wordscapes 2 from word adventurer on? I see now you have the new categories listed, but no links yet. Do you need users to submit answers? I really miss your hints because I don’t usually want the full answer like other sites give. Here’s hoping you will continue…

  58. Are here any hints or clues for the last three puzzles? I don’t see any and they’re very difficult. Im on the ladt three.

  59. The game is stuck on level 3. “Trunk” is greyed out and when I add “cart” it does nothing. I have tried deleting and reinstalling to no avail. Thanks for your help


  61. I have been stuck on Pyre, Level 2. It is on my phone. The letters are not the same as what I have found here and it won’t let me go to level 3.

  62. One of the puzzles on wordscapes is impossible tho solve and I don’t know how to skip it. I used 33 hints. Pyre level 2

  63. Pyre level 2 impossible. I do not understand how you get ‘language’ even though I know ‘language’ is the word I figured that out. got so frustrated because there was no way to get to it had the Hints fill it in but still does not seem possible to get it from where I’m looking at my puzzle there’s no way to get from G to UA. If it were an error how did over 60,000 solve? Frustrated

  64. Is there a fix for accidentally hitting hint button. My tablet was on. Something hit the button? ALL my hints got used on one puzzle. So angry!

  65. Are you going to bring back the hints for the levels? I haven’t been able to find another website that offers that and I like that a lot better than the straight answer list.

  66. What happened to the section that supplied first-letter hints for the words in each puzzle? I don’t want to see the whole-word answers unless I get stuck. Thanks!

  67. Trying to open wordscapes but icon says waiting. Waiting for what?? Tried most things to correct but no luck

  68. I’m on accessories level 5. The answer key says I spying have bondo, sunglasses, etc. Mine starts out with tiara, sunglasses, then is impossible to complete.

  69. My wordscapes gives me hints that won’t let me open for games at a time, then all of a sudden, it does. Why is that?

  70. Opal level is not on here anymore . I have been using this site for weeks and for some reason today some of the levels are missing . More than one too

  71. I am in the same dilemma. I just wanted the first letters of each word but now can’t even find Opal! Where is it. I am on level 10. Anyone know where it is?

  72. I’m on Zeal and it’s not on here. Can you please add the themes that are missing??? All of them use to be on here and some of them just disappeared .

  73. In wordscapes 2 Word Oracle the list on here has the theme Colors but my game has the theme Transport and I am stuck on level 1. Help please.

  74. In WB2 Solver shopping level 2 I have a different grid and am unable to complete because I am left with the following letters S P R E S S. HELP?

  75. I think your wordscapes 2 Word Master page is broken. All the links I tried reloaded the Master page. BTW This is the best, by far, of the wordscapes solutions sites I’ve seen.

  76. Level 3 on wordscapes 2 word searcher farming and agriculture is in error ..the 3rd word , not in the grid !! After farmhouse …your answer does not exsist. There is only one. F . So fertiliser is not the answer!!!!

  77. Level 3 has an error and cannot be completed. And i cant go to next level. Top left corner has AO U. I bought 3 hints. A waste. C

  78. I have all the words for Golddish level 12 but can’t get them in the right order. How can I get to the next puzzle. Am So frustrated.

  79. Please note word chief countries is not correct – cannot get the answers Ireland and Australia because the letters are not in the correct squares and the game will not allow me to continue to the next section word elite. Therefore, I can no longer play this game.

  80. Please note word chief countries is not correct – cannot get the answers Ireland and Australia because the letters are not in the correct squares and the game will not allow me to continue to the next section word elite. Therefore, I can no longer play this game.

  81. wordscapes is freezing on both my iPhone and iPad. Needs a fix. I can’t play a complete screen before it freezes.

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  83. On Solutions Cheats Walkthrough, wordscapes 1and 2 are misplacedat the top of the categories. I did not explain myself thoroughly before.

  84. Prodigy, Crime, Level 3- Should be Assault, not Offense.Prodigy, Mammals, Should be Wolverine, not Monotreme. This is on Level 5.wordscapesiac, Level 2, Should be Climbing, not Puppetry.wordscapesiac, Textiles, Level 1 Should be burlap not rubber and Lycra not Motif

  85. On Word Mastermind, Level 4, it gives the word “storyteller” which is not in the puzzle. Instead the word, whatever it is starts with “mu.” Could you please tell me what it should be so that I can continue with the puzzle? I just love the wordscapes puzzles. Keep up the good work. I would like an answer ASAP. Thank Ypu.

  86. I am on Mastermind-Games-Level 4. Storyteller does not work. Need to know the word that starts with”mu”. Cannot go any further. Very frustrating. Please help ASAP.

  87. I have played this for years and unfortunately on an older iPad. The addition of ads between levels in the daily challenges causes the application to stop and I have to close it and restart. Very annoying. I’d use a newer device, but don’t want to lose my progress. I realize ads are how you make your money, but do they have to interrupt the flow of the game?

  88. Oh my gosh the ads for other games is ridiculous! Every screen solved is followed by an “invite” to another game! Ready to delete the whole game

  89. In 26929 @@@ Mummy level 13 I am stuck and can’t get the word squeeze to work out. The ridiculous thing is that I did get it once but got stuck at the end. Now I can’t even get it at all. If you’re around Toby Chamberlain, please help me. I know the words but can not figure how what I am doing wrong.

  90. Ok, it’s been 2 days and no matter how hard I try I can’t find a way for the last 2 words on the right to fit. I know they are spot and bald but I can’t get that d from the top upper right to move. Help!

  91. Crcodile level 8 I just can’t find a way to finish the last word toilet. I have tried for hours and cannot see how I can do anything differently. HELP/

  92. I have discovered that if you Google the level you are stuck on, you will find several answers to click on and some of them offer answers to the “other” boards that some of us get. Try it. I have been able to get past all of those.

  93. I am on Watch level 7. I cannot get pulltab because I have already used the only P. Can someone let me know what to do. Can’t finish without this word!!

  94. I am on Arise Level 5, and my letters do not look at all like the ones shown here. My top row, 2nd row, etc are entirely different. I am able to make a few of the words listed, but don’t have the letters for HANDBALL (no D, only one H which is used in the first word SHOWER). There is no way to solve this and move on to the next level. What can I do?Tara D. Van Cantfort Gaze Level 2, PEPTER ??

  95. Bluff. Has no dustbin but stomach and can’t get it done get stuck on shoulder. The u will not work or scarf is not together going crazy

  96. Thank you Grant, but we are not talking about same puzzle. I’m on OWL 1. No matter how I try there is an E left over 🙁 I have done the words in order as far as possible. i.e: BUTTER, ICEBERG…Would be delighted to know if anyone has finished it & cleared all letters.

  97. Ah I have worked out the words LONG since. That is not the help I need…I CANNOT get rid of that E. I need to clear the board…HELP 🙁 It’s a great game thus far, but this is beyond me…..

  98. put the words down first to last and you should not have any other problems. dont make meat before dominoes and i think that should solve if this problem.

  99. In level 12,all of the words are right except the word,faucet!! The word faucet is not in level 12. The other word is,Senior. This level may not be able to be solved!!

  100. Level 7 in Arise theme does not match the cheat instructions at all. Necklace is not on the left side. Iy is on the right side of the pizzle when facing it. Can someone explain how to get whistle and eraser. There are not enough “e” letters to complete this puzzle

  101. Level 12 of Bluff…it shows dustbin as one of the words. There IS NO “b” in this puzzle. No wonder I can’t solve it. I think the word is stomach but can’t get it to work. ?????

  102. The Arises level number 13 has the letter M that is not in any of the words and the words require 3 Cs and it only gives 2. This level cannot be completed.

  103. I can’t get sheriff on Zeals level 3, does anyone know how. Have all the words but can’t see to get the right order for sheriff.

  104. I love the game Wordscapes but some answers are missing. I have found a website that has them all, this is, in case someone can help you. Greetings.

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